Agape Training School

Preparing qualified Christian teachers for work with the orphans


Preparing qualified Christian teachers for work with the orphans

One of the most important tasks of Christian Ministry Agape is to train and prepare the teaching staff to work with orphans. These  teachers will  teach orphans the Word of God and reveal love of Jesus Christ to orphans.

Over our course of work, we have learned that orphans need a special approach to education and every-day interaction. These children are vulnerable and often have experienced physical or emotional trauma in their lives. It is often difficult for them to adequately socialize, control their emotions, and to keep on educational tasks. In order to help them overcome these obstacles and meet their needs, specific expertise is required of our teaching staff. Psychology, Human Development, and Spirituality are among many subjects which are taught in the Agape Training School.

Agape Training School is a series of training seminars for Christians who wish to join the forces of Ministry Agape to reach orphans with Gospel  of Jesus Christ. These seminars are held every summer. Traditionally, they are taught by the best and most experienced Agape teachers. Christian teachers share their knowledge from years of personal experience of working with the orphans.

There are two main goals of the Agape Training School:

    1. First, is to prepare qualified teachers to work with the orphans. We require for every Agape teacher to have unconditional “Agape” love within their heart towards the orphans. Right motivation is essential in a teacher’s success.


  1. Second, Ministry Agape is determined to recruit as many Ukrainian Christians to serve the Ukrainian orphans as possible. Our great desire is to expand the idea of serving and bringing to the orphans the Gospel of Christ throughout the country of Ukraine. We would like to assist Ukrainian Christians who have a desire to work with orphans gain proper training and to place them into the orphanages as teachers.

Throughout the six years of Ministry Agape’s work, we have observed the effectiveness of our Bible teaching approach. Many  orphans came to Jesus Christ, their behavior has improved while their hostility and violence has decreased. They pray, sing songs of praise, and have better overall academic achievement. Many teenagers reaching the age of 18, desire to stay within our program which would help them transition into society but remain within the Christian community. At Agape, we consider this educational training program to be a part of God’s plan, an initial stage of a greater charity project.

Our main goal is to glorify God through teaching children, orphans or not, the Word of God. Qualified Agape teachers are trying to do their best to deliver the message of salvation to orphans. We thank and praise God for all support we receive for this ministry!

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I am grateful that our church has taken part in such an important ministry. “Agape” is the greatest measure of Love.

Bishop of Evangelical Christians, Mikhail Panochko



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