An orphan's life

 God is Changing Us


I am so grateful that God has me in a life of full time ministry to these girls, for whose care and protection He, their Heavenly Father, is particularly concerned. I am especially thankful that He has worked through Agape to let me live in fulfilment of His calling for my life. That fact, in and of itself, not only inspires and encourages me, but is also a testimony to others who want to commit themselves to full-time ministry.

 I am living and ministering in Agape’s Adaptation Center for Girls in the city of Krivoi Rog. At the present, four of us live there: Katya, Tanya, Yana, and myself  (Ira),  the ministry leader for the center. Katya and Tanya are both college students, and Yana wants to find a job.


Yana - This past month was not easy for us. Yana put a lot of time and energy into searching for a job. She got turned down everywhere she applied for work. It seems that she is just too short and thin for most employers, no one thinks she can actually work. This was a real time of anxiety and disappointment for her. She would come home in tears after every job interview, repeating that she’s never going to find a job, nothing’s working out. We prayed together every time, and continue to do so... as well as pursuing every possible employment opportunity.

A big plus that has come out of this situation is that Yana has had to reconsider her own attitude toward work. She used to think lightly of employment and thought changing jobs as often as once a week was perfectly fine. At this point, she’s ready to take any job at all and work for even the smallest pay. I firmly believe that now, when she does find work, she will place a greater value on it.

Something else that has been a complicating factor in all of this is that the actual job-search and interview process itself puts a lot of emotional stress on Yana, which often results in her acting out. Her psychological problems really start showing up more clearly at home, her ‘safe place’, after stressful encounters. That said, Yana has also been growing through this time of stress and anxiety. She has been taking greater pains to enthusiastically take part in the housework and preparing meals. She wants to care for us more, understanding better now how tired and hungry we are after being out all day.

Another positive note from Yana’s life recently: for the first time ever, she planned and led the Bible study group of orphanage graduates that meets weekly in our home. For her, it was very important that she was taking an active part in this time of Christian fellowship, that her thoughts and opinions were well received by her peers.


Tanya - Although at first impression, Tanya comes across as a very calm and quiet girl, she has began to demonstrate more of who she really is. She feels at home here now and is constantly in conflict with everyone around her. Studying and building normal relationships with her classmates in college is very difficult for her. However, as far as her actual studies go, she truly is giving it her all, especially taking care to conscientiously do all her homework. It makes me glad to see how seriously she takes her education. It was also encouraging for us that she wanted to take part in a special church service dedicated to the International Day of Prayer for Orphans.


 Katya - More and more, Katya is becoming a real source of joy for me. Her help around the Adaptation Center is very noticeable and a great encouragement to me. She’s really starting to act like an adult. This month, she was able to attend a National Christian Music Festival, which inspired her all the more to grow and develop in her own music ministry. It’s true that she’s not taking her University studies as seriously as could be desired. I find myself constantly reminding her of how vital education will be to her further life. There have been some results of my reminders, I guess - she’s started coming home with more B’s!


To wrap up, let me say that it’s also been encouraging to see that Bronislava, (she lived here at the Center for a while) though living on her own now, has chosen to continue living as a Christian. She regularly attends church, as well as taking part in the young adult group. She is living with her sister and has found a good job. 

Praise the Lord for all of the changes that He is working in the hearts and lives of our girls. I know that our labor is not in vain!

Ira Polyanskaya - 
Adaptation Center ministry leader, Krivoi Rog, Ukraine



An orphan's life


Each and every visit to the orphanage, I see how their lives are lacking in so much that we often take for granted. More than anything, they simply need someone to support them, encourage them, just to hug them and love them…




Answer to the prayerWe prayed with him again about the family. 10 days later he received answer from God.

I visit the Church of Christ the Savior in the Kherson. I am director of Sunday School. At the same time I work as teacher of Bible lesson in the orphanage for children 4-7 years old. This is my first year of work. I am glad that God allowed me to carry His Word to these kids.

After the lesson, everyone raced off, leaving Lyuda behind. Lyuda is an open, tenderhearted girl, very sensitive and easily hurt. She asked very politely how I was doing, and despite her shyness and discomfort, struck up a conversation...


“Do you remember, during your Bible lessons, how we talked about what we dreamed of doing or being? I was the girl who always dreamed of going to Paris!” 




Anya stayed after class recently. She wanted to walk me home. She had something weighing on her heart that she really wanted to talk about...