Summer camps


An unforgettable summer camp Adrenaline

"It’s so beautiful here, never imagined to see a place like this", was a phrase that came out of every teenager’s mouth that went to this summer camp "Adrenaline" in the Ukrainian Carpathians. "Adrenaline" is a camp located on Mountain Mahura at a heaight of 1280km.

It’s not the first year that the Chernovetska Church, called "Victory" is organizing this camp. This year the minisrty of "Agape" has made a gift for a young orphans, an unforgettable week of adventure and relaxation at the camp "Adrenaline." Only 4 out of nearly 50 people who went to this camp have been to the Carpathian Mountains before. And only God knows if any of these children would ever get the chance to go to Carpathian Mountains, if it wasn’t for "Agape".

There were games, contests, competitions between teams, adventures and, of course, the church services, at which the teenagers heard what the Bible has to say about God, His love, and the plan of salvation for mankind. In addition, the sacrificial team ministers from "Adrenaline” shared the Word of God and talked about the way we have to treat others. Also, youth from local church in Kherson, called the “Living Spring”, was pleased to serve the heart broken children.

Thank God, the "adrenaline", and "Agape" ministries, for the pleasant journey we had together!


What the teenagers had to say about the trip:

We had a good time. I liked being there, because I forgot about all the evil that we have in this world. It was great there. I did not think about anything. It was like I was separated from everything



Beautiful Nature! Thank God for everything, I really liked it there. Hopefully we will get to see the Hoverla!



My dream came true. I got the chance to see the Carpathian Mountains! And I was never in a Christian camp. It's hard to walk up the mountains, but I set myself a goal - to reach the top



Everything was good! There is a lot to think about. I’ll have to change my life



Being at the Carpathians was amazing. I love the mountains, but can’t compare the Carpathians with anything else. It was a bit cold, and I like warm weather. But sometimes we got to go through things we don’t like. Therefore, I am very happy and satisfied.