Summer camps

The Lord is worthy of praise

God answered the prayer and healed Katie

Every summer orphans spend their vacation in the camp. They are happy to swim in a warm water of sea. But not for everybody the swimming was joyful and pleasant. Katie had problem with her skin of face. We couldn’t determine the reason of this. But every day the rash was increased. When doctor had diagnosed the girl, her face was completely covered by scabs.

After some time Katie became nervous. She didn’t want to see anybody, refused to eat. One day a student of High School came to her. His name is Vitalik. He invited Katie to pray about healing. And they started the pray to the Lord together. After this, Katie calmed down and ate. In the morning… her face became clean and healthy again. “This is impossible!” – the teacher was impressed.

But what is difficult for God? His love and power have no measure. The Lord is worthy of praise and worship for the amazing work!

Kosareva Olena