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A Caring Heart

How can we help more children? We can find each child a mentor who would become their role model and who can accompany them in later life.

This country doesn't exist on Earth. Why? After all, people are hungry for love, care and attention. Why do they not approach each other that way, why not create such a country? It all depends on who's boss in the house. The boss of all earthly powers, yet is the enemy of heaven and earth - is the devil. It is he who spreads lies, fires up strife, promises people the enjoyment of the bright lures- only to dive into the shadowy pleasures, and invites others to forget the pain, turmoil, and problems that are coming. Pain and problems that he himself has created.

So many people can not stand the situations and hardships. So they tune out and try to forget through alcohol, drugs, etc. And, as a result - there is adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, discord, hatred, murder, drunkenness, rivalries, and the like. From this - poverty, broken homes, no one needs children that are orphans ....

Orphans whose parents are alive! 100, 000 children that are orphans! 100,000 children in need of love. 100,000 of those who bleed from inside the wound, and there is a constant struggle between hatred and love, un forgiveness and the bond and attachment to the parents laid into man by God.

What awaits them in the future? It turns out that after leaving the orphanage:

  • Every other child commits a crime;
  • One in five - become homeless;
  • One in seven - has a suicide attempt;
  • Only 1% of orphans receive a higher education.

Coming out of the orphanage, the children are unprepared for real life. Most of them do not know how to cook, earn money, spend money, shop, and most importantly - to make a decision to make the right choice. They are completely alone. There is no person next to them to whom they can ask for help. The time spent in the orphanages, where everything is decided and done for them, results in them becoming consumers only. They come out of school developing a mind set that everyone owes them.

How can we help orphans in the community to orient themselves correctly, to cross over to an independent life? The mission of "Agape" is doing much for the children living in orphanages and the youth who have graduated from the orphanages. Thanks to the sponsors who help with the clothing, footwear, giving of gifts, helping with adaptation process to the life of living in the adaptation centers, and the prayers. Most importantly - for bringing the Word of God. Many children not only hear the message of salvation, but have accepted God into their hearts.

All children dream of a family. A new family or restoring the biological one. However, many of them for different, various reasons are without the support of loved ones. How can we help more children? We can find each child a mentor who would become their role model and who can accompany them in later life. This is the purpose of the project "Only Hope". The mission of "Agape" supports this line of work with children who are orphans. It believes that it is the most effective way that the children can adapt to independent living, through individual work with each child individually.

From January 17 to 19, in Kherson "One Hope" held a seminar for teachers training for the mission of "Agape". There were representatives from different churches and the subject of the seminar was "training the workers to interact with the children who are orphans." At this training, hearers not only acquired new knowledge of the psychology of children that have been orphaned and forms and methods of service, but most importantly they received huge charge and support for the right decision of their chosen ministry. They were able to see their importance and need in the fates of these disadvantaged children.

Everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of children who are orphans, we ask for your support in prayer.

“Blessed are those who have regard for the poor;

the Lord delivers them in times of trouble”. Psalm 41:1