Missionary updates


Missionary from USA stayed in Ukrainian orphanage

for one week

He ministered to orphans, giving them unconditional love "agape"

Jason Peterson, a missionary from California, shares with us his experience during a trip to Ukraine. He stayed at a Ukrainian orphanage with Ministry Agape for one week. He was overwhelmed with emotions. “The purpose of my visit to Ukraine,” says Jason “is to fulfill Jesus’ wish to serve others.”

Jason, what is your impression of your visit to Ukraine and to the orphanage?

I was mostly impacted by the transformation of the children’s hearts. I watched them turn from hostility to love within one week. The unconditional attention, support, and love which we gave to these children during our stay made all the difference!

What was the main purpose of your visit to the orphanage?

The main need of these children is salvation and Jesus Christ. The purpose of my trip was to show Jesus through my life. I utilized all of my spiritual resources to give unconditional love to them, so that through me these children could see Jesus Christ. These kids never received such love before and we had a big privilege to tell them about and to show them God’s love.

The Bible says that God would never leave us as orphans. He came to Planet Earth to die for our sins. I think that these children must realize that although they may not have parents here on Earth, they have a Heavenly Father who loves them and will never abandon them.