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Ukrainian orphans travel to USA

Teacher of Agape Mission shares her impressions from the travel

“Get ready for your trip to America,” told me the director of Ministry Agape, Alex Fedorchuk.

“What do you mean, America?! This is so far away! What kind of a country is it?”- these thoughts filled my head. Already on my way there, I had no idea what awaited me but I was thankful to God for giving me the opportunity to travel. Only He knows all of my dreams. He is a wonderful God!

There I was, on American soil. On our way from the airport, someone asked what is the one thing I would like to see in America. First of all, I don’t have an idea what they have here but I remembered a dream of mine. I have always wanted to see mandarin trees. Ludmila, a young lady driver, asked about our plans for tomorrow because she was planning to go to a mandarin garden and wanted to see if we would like to come with. Isn’t that a miracle?! I didn’t even ask God, I just wished to see the trees, and here my wish was granted. I am so thankful to You, o Lord, for the attention You give me!

America. California, Oregon, Washington. Now I have a little bit of an idea what this country is about. I see flowers everywhere, mandarin trees; everything is clean, with nice lawns, houses, and evergreen trees. And the people? They are all so polite and kind. God’s people here haven’t lost the fire in their spirit. We were warmly welcomed everywhere we went.

I am very surprised at how many Slavic churches are familiar with the Ministry Agape. It is unfortunate that the young people of Ukraine have lost good morals in the last few years. We turn to the Word of God for help. It’s a foundation on which a spiritual house must be built. That is why we are driven to bring the Gospel of Jesus to more than 5,000 orphans in Ukraine. 35 orphanages are included in the Ministry Agape’s work. Children who have been abandoned by family and friends are finding love and hope in God.
Big thanks to everyone who had participated in our Ministry in any way! We always pray for God’s blessings for your families, churches, and your country. The Bible tells us that you will not be left without a reward.

My trip to America was truly unforgettable. The children who travelled with our group were extremely excited. We have seen so many cool and great things here: giant redwoods, exotic plants, beautiful beaches, snow peaks, mandarin and orange trees, waterfalls, and even took a ride in a limousine. However, the biggest treasure here, in the United States, is you, brothers and sisters! I want to say one more time: “Thank You, God!”

The families with whom we stayed were extremely welcoming. May God’s hand be with you and your children! Special thanks to all the pastors of the churches which welcomed and prayed for us!

Forever Grateful,

Olena Vazhnichenko (Ministry Agape worker)