Bible lessons in orphanages


Ministry of Olga V.

My name is Olga. I became a part of the "Agape" mission half a year ago and I work with small children of preschool age and children of first grade age. Kids of this age remind me clay – they are so trustful and get every teacher’s word as an oracle. Yes these children are small but their hearts are hurt and they all have their own special life experience. Once when we were praying one girl, named Nastya, ran up to me and put her hands on my shoulders and whispered in my ear: "Pray for my mom to take me out of here; I can not stand it any more!"

“What about praying for Stas!” They sincerely prayed so God heals their friend and so there would be no bruise on his body. I was smiling and thanking God for that. >

We have a special prayer time in 1-B grade. It became the custom that first I pray and then children pray by turns, even kneeling sometimes. Their deep prayers are so simple and sincere, like: “God, keep Olga in safe!”, “God, protect Olga from sickness!”, “God give her a car or motorcycle!”, “God, bless Olga with good husband!”, “God, let her stay with us forever!”, or “God, I want my mom and brother take me home and so my mom and dad become reconciled and God, thank You for creating me. I pray You forgive me of all bad things I have done in my life!”

I am so happy that God became very important and real for these kids! Often I hear they say to each other: “Do not call me bad words, because God will not take you into the heaven!” One boy by the name of Sacha always keeps a candy or apple for me and when I come into the classroom he runs up to me saying: “Olechka, Olechka, this is for you!” At first I refused to take it from him but then I saw how it’s important for this boy for he is so happy when I receive gifts from him and gets upset when I do not.

I feel so sorry for these children are brought up in boarding-schools with collective consciousness. They are always dressed in the same clothes; they write the same work with the same pens, they always go to school and canteen together. They know what the word “we” means but they do not know the meaning of the word “I”. But in the reality there are no the same children! Every kid has his own gifts and talents. Once children asked me: “What do you always carry with you in your case?” I told them that I was a musician and there was a clarinet in my case I play. They asked me to play clarinet while they were doing their crayon works. After I finished playing everybody was still and kept doing their work but one boy. For some reason he stopped drawing and was very upset. After the class he came up to me and said: “When I grow up I also will certainly play something”. I love these children with all my heart, it is not always easy, but I rejoice that I can put a drop of light into their souls and make them smile.

Teacher of “Agape” mission Olga Vich.