Bible lessons in orphanages


Children's dreams

Little children. Children that are orphans... They do not know how to hide their feelings, their hurt, and their joy. They do not understand many things. Things like what is happening around them. But like adults they feel everything with their hearts. They have a need for attention, protection, and touch - all this is revealed with their behavior. Actions, occurring subconsciously, that demand attention. "Show me your interest!", - they scream with their whole being.

I paid attention to a little girl with big sad eyes. This was Lisa. She began to call me mother Cveta and tried to use every opportunity to touch me. The girl was attentive during lessons and remembered every small detail that I said. Most of all she liked the colored illustrations from the Bible. Her creations simply brought her to amazement. She especially liked to draw.

Lisa always tried to help me during the lessons. One day we spoke about the future for a while. The girl shared her dream. Most of all she desires that her little brother would have parents. "I will do everything, I will listen and help my mother. I will watch over my brother. I know how to!!" - she burst out in words. I felt something in my throat. Poor, miserable children! "God. Listen to the cries of this miserable child! Help and care for her!" Moving myself, I offered to the child "Let's share your desires with Jesus". Lisa agreed. During time of prayer, my heart skipped out of my chest. The faithful prayer of this child was raised to the heavens. Afterwards the girl's eyes burned brightly, with a joyful fire. She believed that God would help.

About four months passed. In prayer, at every lesson, the children asked God about the reality of their dreams. Everyone wanted to have something of their own. Their own mother, their home, their toys, their room, their.....their.... their..... Children constantly are in need of attention, warmth, love and understanding. But most of all - in a close person, that will choose within themselves this function.

And here appeared a family that wanted to adopt children. The little ones touched the hearts of both parents. They really liked Lisa and Kostik. But most important of all- it was a Christian family. And I understood, that this was an answer from the Lord. Yes, the devil will fight and will place stumbling blocks in their paths. But we believe in the strength of the living God. And today, bowing our knees at the throne of mercy, I beg God for the future of these children and believe, that he will not forsake them.

"For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, Fear not, I am the one who helps you." Isaiah 41:13.

Lubyanaya Cveta, Mission teacher.