Bible lessons in orphanages

 A miracle from God  

I met Tanya over a year ago, after she and her brothers had ended up in the children's shelter as a result of their parent's messy divorce. Tanya was a curious and active young girl, if a little rude. She loved to make sarcastic remarks in the midst of my lessons, and acted as if nothing I shared about - God, His Word, or salvation - concerned her in any way. Outwardly, she was feisty, a real scrapper... but her eyes were dulled and sad. Her entire being seemed to be focused on her anger and bitterness at the world around her. Challenges to any and every authority figure, rudeness and outright disobedience were constantly erupting from her wounded and hurting heart. As a result, her pain splashed over into other's lives and often ended up hurting those who were weaker than her... even her own little brothers. It seemed that somehow she herself found relief  when she caused them pain.


One day, when I was least expecting it, Tanya came up and with a complete absence of her usual sarcasm, asked me how I had come to trust in Jesus as my saviour. I shared how I'd first come to the Lord and how He continues to work in my life and be a real part of my life to this day. As I talked, her eyes grew wider, and I could see a spark of genuine interest appear. She kept asking more and more questions. I answered as best as I knew how. My own honesty and openness drew forth a similar response from Tanya. She began to share about her own life, what had happened with her family. As she talked, it seemed as if she was finally pouring out the pain that had tortured her young soul for so long. She kept talking, and talking, and talking... her sweet face began to shine as she finally opened her heart. It was as if she was dumping a heavy load from her shoulders that had been to much for her to bear. Then came a quiet time of prayer. Tanya prayed for the first time in her life. Her prayer was touching in its sincerity. During this brief time of prayer, the traumatic wounds in her heart began to heal, the flow of agony was staunched, and the pain began to ease. The grains of faith, small

That was the beginning of a time of real change for Tanya. Everyone around her began noticing a difference, especially her little brothers, Vitaly and Volodya. They were really together now, closer than they'd been in a long time, and their joy knew no bounds. My own heart rejoiced as I watched them.

During my lessons now, it seemed that Tanya and her brothers were literally hanging on my every word. They took part in the lessons and began to read the Bible on their own. These changes began softening their hearts towards those around them and even towards their parents. Forgiveness came in it's own time, and Tanya began to fervently pray for her parents. She wrote her mother a letter, and she and her brothers dreamed of being able to go home again.


More time passed and Tanya and her brothers were transferred out of the shelter. I had no idea where they'd gone or what had happened next in their lives. A year went by with no news of them. One day as I got onto a city bus, I felt someone staring at me. I turned and saw that it was Tanya! She was sitting next to the driver, collecting money and handing out tickets to passengers as they got on. As it turned out, the bus driver was Tanya's father. She had come to town to visit him. She and her brothers are living with her mother now - her mother's gotten a job and stopped drinking. Tanya has is finishing evening school now, and wants to go on to college or the equivalent. Most important of all, God has completely changed her heart, totally transforming her speech and appearance. As we spoke, even the way her eyes shone with joy bore witness to the fact that she's now a Christian. She's attending church now and has found many new friends among the young people there.

 I praise God for giving me the joy of working with these children and of learning of their fate after they'd left the shelter. He deserves to be praised and glorified for hearing the simple prayers of these children and for the miracles he has done in their lives.

 Sveta Lubyanaya, 


Agape Ministries teacher