Agape Training School

Working day of Agape teacher

Agape teacher shares one of the monets of her work in the orphanage

The weather is terrible. I have been drenched by the rain. Nevertheless, I am in high spirits and in a hurry to meet my class. I am clinching onto a folder containing pictures and lesson materials-protecting them from the rain. Inside the orphanage, it is warm and dry. I am walking in the hallway. Then I hear a cry “Olga is here!!!” One of the children is proud to share the news of my presence with the others. My name echoes throughout the building: “Olga is here! Olga is here!” In an instant, the hallway fills up with children; hugging, grasping my hands, leaning against me, they just try to get close. I have forgotten the rain, my wet hair and clothes, my tired feet. Here they are-the little reasons for whom I am prepared to make greater sacrifices!


The first few minutes of our lesson are spent on catching up. Children share their problems and happy moments which took place since my last visit. They all try to talk at the same time. “I got a good grade!”, “My grandmother visited yesterday!”, “I got a vaccination yesterday!”, “Olga, do you still remember that my birthday is coming up?!” Finally, all news is shared.


I ask them a question: “Children, what do we need to do before we begin our lesson?” They answer in unison: “To pray!”


They repeat after me as I pray, their eyes are closed and their small hands are put together in prayer. Once I finished, some of the children ask to pray individually:


"Can I pray "Our Fother in Heaven" prayer?",


"I would like to ask God to heal my small sister!"


These are the most precious moments for me. Their prayers are so sincere; my eyes fill up with tears. Seeing their faith grow has made me a greater believer. I thought that I will teach them to believe and have faith; however, they are the ones giving me faith. Faith that they will have a bright future and God will create miracles in their lives. These children are incredible!”

Agape Teacher, Olga Vich