Agape Training School

My first days in the orphanage.

Agape teacher shares orphans life stories

I recently began to teach Bible lessons at a Ukrainian orphanage with the help of Ministry Agape. I would like to share some of my impressions working with the children. I am grateful to God that I found Agape’s School of Training and have been able to complete the seminars. I have been fortunate to have had a Christian couple work with the children of the orphanage where I now teach. I did not have to begin from ground 0. The children already know and love Jesus.

I'd like to share with you a conversation I had with orphans of this school.

One of the girls, Maria, is an orphan. Her parents are dead. She suffered a lot of emotional and psychological trauma as a consequence. Although she tried to hide her pain and tears, they were obvious. I wanted to comfort Maria but did not know how. How can you comfort a child with such great emotional scars? I decided to share my story with Maria and other girls. Although I had parents, I was alone and lonely. I always felt abandoned and unloved. But Heavenly Father found me and provided me with unconditional love. I told them that this loving God also would like to be a part of their lives; to comfort them, to put His loving hands around them. Maria calmed down and we prayed together.

A boy named Vitaly began to tell me about the scar on his face. It resulted from his mom striking him across his face with her high-heeled shoe. Vitaly wanted to talk to someone, to share his pain. I talked to him about forgiveness and we prayed. Do we need to forgive? How are we able to forgive? Yes, we do. God forgave our sins and tells us to forgive others. It is important to get rid of the burden of bitterness. I told Vitaly that if he forgave his mom, it would take a burden off his soul. I know from personal experience how difficult it may be to forgive; but we can ask of our Heavenly Father to give us strength to do so.

Another young man, Artem, had confided in me of his dream to become a missionary. He had been praying about it. I am thankful for these children and that they are now able to seek help from their Heavenly Father. Please pray for them, and so their destiny may be with God. I am also very grateful to have the opportunity to serve the orphaned children in Ukraine.

Tatyana Mozharovka.