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"Introduction to Orphan Ministry” (Reni, UA)


On October 10th and 11th, Agape conducted an "Introduction to Orphan Ministry” seminar in the city of Reni (Odessa Region).

 This seminar was for anyone and everyone who wanted to learn more about working in orphanages and working with orphans. It was held in a local church called “Light to the World,” and we had around 50 people in attendance. The first day was great - a grateful audience, hospitable hosts; a blessed time together!

 We all enjoyed those two days together. Everyone who attended was able to receive a lot of information on the following topics: orphan psychology at different ages/developmental stages; methodology and styles of teaching when working with orphans; working with children who have undergone trauma, etc. They were also able to get acquainted with the age-specific curriculum programs that Agape has developed for working in orphanages.

Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude for the wonderful time that God gave us here. There were a lot of adoptive parents attending, and it was just great to see their desire to really understand, to truly grasp the needs that their children have as former orphans. On our part, we were overjoyed at this wonderful opportunity to share our vision of caring and professional orphan ministry.

 We are so thankful for the church that welcomed us, organized everything so well, and were just lovely hosts! We really enjoyed our time in Reni!


“I received a lot of valuable information here, answers and insights that I hadn’t been able to find elsewhere. Thank you for making this seminar happen. What I’ve learned here will be a real help in training and caring for my own children, four of whom are adopted.”  Svetlana Bartyan

“I am grateful to the Lord for giving us this wonderful time of fellowship, for the knowledge and experience that was shared with us… it was all very useful, very much appreciated. I haven’t been to anything like this seminar before – everything we heard was so practical, we each received so much that we could apply to our own lives. There was so much wisdom shared, wisdom that is needed for a normal, healthy and happy life on this earth. I want to say thank you to EVERYONE that made this seminar possible!”                          Natalya Peskisheva