Orphans about Agape lessons

I attend “Christian ethic” lessons and I like lessons about God and His love very much. I forgive those who offended me because God commended to do so and I’m always trying to think about Lord because I love Him.
I’m very thankful to God for you.

Ivana, 14 years old


I liked the story our teacher Alex told us. It’s a story about Joseph, who forgave his brothers, and how he got in prison, but still he didn’t stop to believe to God. I like the way Joseph dealt with his brothers – he gave them bag full of gold instead of grain.
I wish God cares for me the same way He cared for Joseph and help me the same way He helped Joseph.
God helps me a lot in my life. I didn’t have any friends before and I didn’t even know what friendship is. I used to watch other children before, watched them playing and I wanted to play with them! But as I came to them they’d just go away from me.
Every night I prayed to God to help me to find friends. And He gave me SO many friends, almost all our orphanage! I just don’t know how to repay for God’s kindness! I’ll always believe in Him! Let God bless everybody with health, especially Alex so he’d continue teach the lessons and tell us about new things.

Anya, 11 years old

Hello,My name is Dasha Lopuhova, I decided to write to you to express my respect and thankfulness. I am, like many other orphans, very glad that You’ve dedicated Your time to participate in our lives. You’ve helped us with humanitarian help but what the most important – your spiritual help. Thank to You and Your ministry “Agape” we, orphans, understand that somebody needs us – we are important for You! Your ministry is situated quite far away from us (geographically), but warmth and love that we get from you is just not comparable.
I’m sure that every child has a great delight inside from the thought that there are people on this earth that are not indifferent to us.
Thank You one more time!

Dasha Lopuhova.

P.S. Dear readers! Let the words of this orphan Dasha bring You answer for your prayers and affords. Though you may never visited orphanage and didn’t see any orphan BUT You’ve prayed for them, you’ve sent clothes for them, food or finances. We’d like you to know that these children – orphans are very thankful to you, they appreciate So much Your care and love. We also would love to thank you and let God bless you. Together and only together we can bring hope, faith and love to orphans! Thank You!