Our vision and strategy


  1. To bring orphans to Christ telling them Gospel of Jesus Christ on Bible Lessons and to help them to grow in faith.

  2. To encourage christians to serve orphans, giving them opportunity to participate in Christian Ministry Agape Ukraine

  3. To meet orphans needs: to help them to socialize in the society and to grow in faith, informing people about adoption opportunities and procedure, providing humanitarian help, presents and a lot more...


Our vision is to bring love and care to every orphan of Ukraine as a fulfillment of God's commandment to help orphans and widows.


  1. Leading orphans to Jesus Christ through the teaching of Gospel during Christian Ethic lessons in orphanages

  2. Consistency is our main rule: we are constantly with orphans so they can share all their problems and needs with us. Daily interactions with the orphans take place every week for years.

  3. Professionalism: Christian Ministry Agape teachers are qualified and dedicated people, they are called to serve orphans. Agape Training School are training and supporting Christian teachers to work with orphans. Orphans need a special approach to education and every-day interaction.