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Tanya and Dima Kurovsky are Agape's partners in Europe

Tanya and Dima Kurovsky are partners of Christian Ministry Agape in Europe. After moving to Holland in 2006, they had a big desire to help orphans in Ukraine. Tanya and Dima prayed to God to make this desire a possibility. Christian Ministry Agape was the answer to their prayers! In 2007, they partnered with Ministry Agape to help Ukrainian orphans through promoting the Ministry in Europe.

Tanya says: “It is my pleasure to be involved with Ministry Agape because first and foremost, this is God’s ministry. Agape concentrates its efforts on a very important task of bringing orphans to the Lord Jesus Christ, and helping them build a personal relationship with Him. This relationship transforms the orphans’ hearts and lives, therefore giving them hope and a chance of a better future. I also admire the unconditional love and dedication of Ministry Agape workers.”

Her husband Dima states: “What I like about Agape is their mission of bringing the Gospel to the orphaned children. The Agape workers deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these little hearts without any compromises. I was very impressed by the dedication and professionalism of workers in this ministry; they have such big hearts for orphans. Every day of their work begins with a prayer and God is really leading this ministry of helping the orphans.”


The Christian Charity Agape for Orphans has following goals according to the charity statute:

1. To be obedient to the «Great Commission» as it stays in Matthew 28:18-20 «Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you…."

2. according to James 1:27 «to visit orphans and widows in their trouble» in Ukraine and other countries;

3. 2.To teach and train people of all ages the Christian truth;

4. To provide unconditional help to people in need without any discrimination and to make Gospel of Jesus Christ known among them.

At the moment Charity Agape for Orphans achieves it's goals in following ways:

1. By supporting other ministries with similar goals. Charity support such ministries financially and also by printing information about them in christian magazine to make them known among people.

2. By issuing and distributing christian magazine “Intelligent Design” (Разумный Замысел) in Ukraine and also in other russian speaking countries. This magazine teaches about Creation of life by God and is distributed for free among russian speaking people.

The way the charity is governing the money

- No fees (accept bank fees) will be taken by the charity from donated money.

- The main rule is – the amount which is donated to the charity for specific purpose should be transferred for this purpose in full (no charges from the charity side)

- Charity Agape for Orphans does not have any people on payroll, all members are volunteers and receive no money from the charity.


ANBI Stichting Agape For Orphans

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Members of the charity:

Naam Titel/functie Beloning
Tanya Kurovska Voorzitter Geen
Dima Kurovskyy Secretaris Geen
V. Thong Member Geen
M. Wong Tsze Show Member Geen


Contact details: Rijnvoorde 13, 3085TH, Rotterdam, The Netherlands email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; tel: 06 20101737
KvK nummer 24447247
RSIN (Fiscaal Numer) 820117407
Eerste inschrijving handelsregister 2008-11-21
Datum akte van oprichting 2008-11-14
Statutaire zetel Rotterdam
Land Nederlands
Type organisatie ANBI
Type ANBI culturele ANBI
Rechtsvorm Stichting
Statutaire naam Stichting Agape for Orphans
Ook genoemd (handelsnaam) Agape
Zoeknaam Agape for Orphans

Agape for Orphans charity has tax deduction status in Holland (considered as ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beoogde Instelling) by Dutch tax police. 
Therefore Your gifts and donations to the charity Agape for Orphans are tax-deductible (if you donate from Holland).

Business Plan download pdf

You can make donations to Agape for Orphans bank account:

Bank requisites of Agape For Orphans in Netherlands

Beneficiary name: AGAPE FOR ORPHANS
Account Number: 525816712
Swift/Bic: ABNANL2A
Iban: NL05ABNA0525816712
Bank address (country/city): Netherlands/ Rotterdam