Leading orphans to the Lord Jesus Christ

Bible Lessons in Ukrainian orphanages

God opened a unique opportunity to preach the Gospel right in many governmental (!) orphanages of Ukraine during lessons of Christian ethics.
Christian ministry Agape trains and supports Christian teachers to teach Bible lessons right in many governmental (!) orphanages of Ukraine.
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Agape Training School

Preparing qualified Christian teachers for work with the orphans
Every summer Agape Training School is organized.

"I liked everything. I couldn't even imagine that I'd learn so much about orphans and ministry to orphans!"

Igor, Zaporozhe
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Work with orphanage graduates

Serving the orphans who have graduated from the orphanage and are left on their own. Influencing their future by teaching them to live a successful life from a Biblical perspective.
Their future according to the statistics:
- 60% of the girls end up in prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction
- 70% of the boys end in jail
- Many of them commit suicide before the age of 18 (!)
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Foreign Missionary Volunteers

Visiting orphans right in the orphanages or during the Summer camps
We constantly ask God to send more missionaries to work with these special children.
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Humanitarian Aid for Orphans

Dear friends – orphans in Ukraine need Your help today!
Here is suggestions for the presents and parcels for orphans in Ukraine:
1) shoes
2) clothes, underwear
3) school supplies, crafts
4) hygiene products (shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brush, soap)
5) candy, toys
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