An orphan's life


I like “Christian ethic” lessons because it’s very interesting and it gives me a lot of useful information; for they teach us how we’d respect our teachers, friends… they tell us about mercifulness and Gods love. I become much more peaceful and relived.Irina and Vladimir (AGAPE missionaries) are also friendly, merciful, smart, beautiful – they tell everything very interesting…

Diana 14 years old


I believe in God because …. I even don’t know why but I believe from my very childhood. I also believe in Him because He helps me.
I like Bible lessons very much. I think everybody like these lessons. I think it would be good if every orphan would know that there is God and He wants to help us.

Alisa, 13 years old


I enjoy so much when Alla (“Agape” teacher) visits our orphanage and spends time with us. I like fellowship with her, to come to her lessons, listen to the educational stories. I like to draw, play games, and participate in competition games.
I’m so thankful to all of you that you don’t forget us, for your visits and lessons about kindness, life. You are good friends and I love you very much.Thanks to God for such wonderful friends!

Katerina, 15 years old


I like our Saturday lessons very much. Thank you for your attention and fellowship with us, for telling us about God, for all those interesting Bible stories that I like so much! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to draw with colorful pencils and for all crafts we do together.
I appreciate it very much that now I can pray to God and wait for His answer. Thank you!

Andrey, 10 years old


An orphan's life

 I looked up and saw Egor himself running toward me full-tilt, his face glowing.  He ran up, yelling at the top of his lungs "I found it! I found it!" I was confused..."What did you find, Egor?" I asked. "I found a family!!




Why am I in orphan ministry? It’s very simple, really. From the time I was a little child myself, I’d heard that there were children who didn’t have their own parents. The thing is, I thought that their problem was easy to fix...



 On August 25th 2013, Agape Ministry’s new Adaptation Center for Young Men in Krivoi Rog was up and running as the first teenage orphans moved in.

Two orphanage graduates settled in to live with a Christian family there. Anton Dubrovsky and Sasha Korotky became a part of the Sukhovoy family.


I, Dima Tedeyev, was born on September 11, 1995 in Orenburg, Russia.

Soon after, when I’d just turned 3 years old, my mother took my sister and me and moved to Ukraine, in pursuit of personal happiness...



The village of Kalininskoye is located in the Kherson Region, ninety-three miles from Kherson. There are two orphanages in this remote village. For almost 10 years now, Agape Ministries staff has been serving the children in these orphanages...