An orphan's life


Volunteers from United States visit orphans summer camp in Ukraine

The month of July was especially blessed. Our children’s home was visited by ten youth volunteers from the United States. Ten people!

The youth missionary team was extremely prepared for the visit. They knew a lot of worship songs, skits, poems, games, etc. They also brought a puppet theater with them; projector, gifts, prizes, souvenirs, and sports items. They got very involved with the kids and were very friendly. They prayed for the children, consulted them if needed. We thank God, Ministry Agape, and House of Bread Church for making it possible for this group of young people to visit our orphanage. May God render to you for your kind, loving, and caring hearts.

Children were crazy about these young people! They became friends very quickly and the young people were great Christian role models to the orphans. Many boys and girls truly gave their lives to Jesus Christ and began to attend church services three times a week. They stopped to swear, some quit smoking, and the aggression went away, giving way to friendliness and kindness.

Teachers and caregivers have also noticed this positive change in the orphans: “We don’t understand what you have done with these kids. We do not recognize them. They have become obedient and kind to each other.”

Here is what children shared with us:

My name is Irina. I am an orphan. No one needs me. I am aging out of the system this year and do not know what the future holds for me. After the summer camp I felt very special in my spirit. I now know that God will never leave me. I now attend a Christian church and want to get baptized. Every day I pray for my teachers and for the Konstantinov family. I pray so that God can give them a bigger house so that they can adopt me. I am even willing to donate my savings from my orphan stipend. I even quit smoking. I wanted to quit for a long time but was unable to; it was difficult. After I prayed about it, God has taken my addiction away! I don’t even have the desire to smoke anymore. Although I am faithful in God, I am a bit worried about my future. I will be moving in September to go to school. There is no church in the town to where I’m moving. I am afraid to lose my faith. Please pray for me.


My name is Maria. My brother Igor and I are tenth-graders. I really enjoyed the summer camp. I became very close with Alina from the US. She is like an older sister to me now, almost a mom. She took care of me like she was my mother. She bought clothes for me, bought me candy, and prayed with me every morning and night. She told me a lot about God, church, Jesus, and sang many worship songs before bedtime. She tucked me into bed as if I was a little girl. This was very special to me because no one had tucked me in at bedtime before. She always prayed so that God may give me a family. I have never received such unconditional love. I really crave parental love and care. Now, that Alina has returned home to the US, I really miss her. My brother and I will be aging out of the system soon and I don’t know where we will end up. I constantly pray that Ludmila and Alex can take us into their home. They don’t mind, but they can only afford a room rental at this point. They invite us to their home often and I am thankful to God for these visits! I like attending church services and want to get baptized. I thank God every day for His love and that He had sent Christian people into my life.


Yelena Konstantinova, a Ministry Agape teacher shares about her work with the orphans: “We welcomed some orphans into our home for a week. They were like a part of our family. They helped us with chores: make pirogis, vareniki, jams. We talked with them and prayed.”

An orphan's life


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I prayed to God that my mother or brother would visit me. AFTER NINE DAYS MY MOTHER CAME. I hadn’t seen her for 4 years!