An orphan's life

Why am I in orphan ministry?  (I. Levdanskaya)  

“I’ve been involved in children’s ministry for years, working in Sunday school and summer camps. However, there’s a right time for everything… and it’s been a year now since I first got started in orphan ministry. 

As I’ve worked with these children, I’ve come to understand that each one of them has suffered serious emotional, psychological and physical trauma over the course of their young lives. They all are in desperate need of love and acceptance. Every time I go to the orphanage, they joyfully greet me with hugs, and I hug them back. For me, their hugs display their sincerity and simplicity as children. Their demonstration of love is an example to me, and has truly touched my heart.

Each and every visit to the orphanage, I see how their lives are lacking in so much that we often take for granted. More than anything, they simply need someone to support them, encourage them, just to hug them and love them… to tell them they are loved and needed. They don’t need me to lecture them on abstract ideas or systematic theology…they just need someone to come up, give them a hug and tell them “Jesus loves you!”   


 I am so grateful to God, grateful that he wants to display his love for these children through me. I just thank and praise him for sending me this ministry to these precious children. It’s really made me so much more appreciative for all that I have… and I want to pass a little of that on to them. 

Irina Levdanskaya,

     Agape teacher







An orphan's life

It breaks my heart every time an orphan child shares her story. I am shocked and...


I work in an orphanage for the very smallest children, from 1 year to 3-4 years old. I teach Bible lessons there three times a week. Many Christians that I meet are not supportive of my ministry. They don’t believe that such little children are capable of believing in God. However, I know that they’re mistaken.




The village of Kalininskoye is located in the Kherson Region, ninety-three miles from Kherson. There are two orphanages in this remote village. For almost 10 years now, Agape Ministries staff has been serving the children in these orphanages...

"Child, I’ve been praying for you for years and years!
I ran into this woman one day, carrying a toddler and pulling his older brother along by the hand... I could see that she was drunk and in quite bad shape, so I stopped and did what I could to help her..."





Orphanage ministry is not easy, but let me just say this: even if you are tired, GO. If you feel like you’re not up to it, still go, simply go and love them. Just be there for them...