An orphan's life

Why do I minister to orphans? (Julia Sakur)  

The first time I had anything to do with orphans was about six years ago, when I began working with first graders in the Mizotsk Orphanage-School for Children with Speech Disorders. I knew that these were very special children and that working with them would be a challenge – but I had no idea of how hard it would really be. 

The hardest thing of all for me was to see the pain, loneliness and disappointment in their eyes… and to hear them say “Take me away from here! Take me home with you!” week in and week out. Many times, after lessons at the orphanage, we made our way home with tears in our eyes.

 That first experience of orphanage ministry was when I began to see, as I truly never had before just how much these children need love, the unconditional love of God. His Agape love is the only thing that can bring healing to their hearts, wounded and hurting from the harshness of life. God’s love is the only thing that can remove the feelings of loneliness and abandonment from their hearts, replacing them with assurance of His love and acceptance. His love is the only thing that can truly convince their hearts that they have a caring Heavenly Father, a Friend who will never betray them.

It’s really a great joy and encouragement to see the changes that God brings to their little hearts, to hear their first prayers, simple and painfully sincere. May the living God be praised for His work in the lives of these children!

Julia Sakur,
Agape Teacher

An orphan's life


Each and every visit to the orphanage, I see how their lives are lacking in so much that we often take for granted. More than anything, they simply need someone to support them, encourage them, just to hug them and love them…




So often, we think that these teenage orphans are apathetic, hardened by life, resistant to letting God’s Word work in their hearts. Zhenya’s story shows that the opposite can be, and often is actually the case...

I prayed to God that my mother or brother would visit me. AFTER NINE DAYS MY MOTHER CAME. I hadn’t seen her for 4 years!



Orphan ministry had crossed my mind once in a while, but more as an abstract idea. Sure, it was something that was worth doing, but I didn't have the slightest notion that God could use me...



 “Do you yourself even believe what you’re saying?” Sergei asked, still laughing.       

“Of course I believe what I said. The Lord has given you all a lot of talent, I know that each one of you can have a great life,” I answered.

“Well, that’s all the future I see for me,” said Sergei, pointing at the bars on the ground-floor window, “a life behind bars.”