An orphan's life



Testimony of Angela

I was born in the Kherson region. I have a younger brother who is 2 years younger than me. My father died when I was 5 and we had to move to another town.

Unfortunately our mother started to lead bad life and we were taken away from her according to the court decision.

First I and my brother lived in the hospital, later in shelter and after that we were sent to Kherson orphanage.

I’ve got to know “Agape” workers in September last year. Since then I received a lot of support from them: spiritual as well as material.

They give us example of Christian lifestyle and character – patience, politeness and tactfulness.

Our teacher of Christian ethic – Alexey tells us about God, about eternity, that every person is unique personality and very important for the Lord Jesus.

“Agape” workers have organized very interesting program for us during summer holidays.

Thank You,

Angela, Kherson boarding school.

An orphan's life


Answer to the prayerWe prayed with him again about the family. 10 days later he received answer from God.

I visit the Church of Christ the Savior in the Kherson. I am director of Sunday School. At the same time I work as teacher of Bible lesson in the orphanage for children 4-7 years old. This is my first year of work. I am glad that God allowed me to carry His Word to these kids.

Soon Agape Ministries will celebrate it's 10th anniversary.  In some ways it seems like a long time, in others, not long at all. When we stop to consider -  the tears and laughter, the heights of joy and depths of's by God’s grace we have learned and grown through it all.


"Child, I’ve been praying for you for years and years!
I ran into this woman one day, carrying a toddler and pulling his older brother along by the hand... I could see that she was drunk and in quite bad shape, so I stopped and did what I could to help her..."




My name is Irina. I am an orphan. No one needs me. I am aging out of the system this year and do not know what the future holds for me. After the summer camp I felt very special in my spirit. I now know that God will never leave me. I now attend a Christian church and want to get baptized.


After the lesson, everyone raced off, leaving Lyuda behind. Lyuda is an open, tenderhearted girl, very sensitive and easily hurt. She asked very politely how I was doing, and despite her shyness and discomfort, struck up a conversation...