Work with orphanage graduates

  Adaptation Center life - June 2014


 We currently have 5 guys living with us at the Adaptation Center. Three of them were already with us: Sasha, Roma and Dima. Recently two more teens asked to move in with us. One is Sergei Gunyaga, who had lived with us earlier, and is currently experiencing difficult circumstances, and has nowhere to live. He asked if he could move back in with us for the summer. The other is a guy that is from Sergei’s vocational school, another Sergei – Sergei Mospan. He is 17 years old and a ‘true orphan,’ with no parents or relatives that he knows of.  The director of the vocational school interceded on his behalf, asking if he could be taken into the Adaptation Center, and Sergei himself really wants to live here.

  Sasha and Dima are planning to ‘graduate’ from the Center this year. Dima has found work at a carwash, and Sasha is in the process of taking his university exams and finishing his studies there. We’ve spent a lot of time in heart-to-heart talks with these two guys, and they are definitely prepared for life on their own as responsible, independent adults. We have tried to instill Christian values in their lives, teaching them to think and reason as Christians. We’ve done our best to help them learn to be just and kind, to do good and have faith in God as they go through this life. We have shown them the best course to take in life’s journey – following Him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. They now will have to choose to follow Christ or not as independent adults.


At the first of the month, we held an open house and presentation of Adaption Center life for this year’s orphanage graduates. We had more than 50 orphans present at the open house. Everything went very well. We gave the kids a tour of the house, served them lunch, sang for them, and spent some time telling them what the Adaptation Center ministry was all about. We want them to understand very clearly that this is a real choice for those who are interested.


We want to ask you to be in prayer for us. We need the support of your prayers! If you are someone who personally believes in this kind of ministry, please pray that God would give us the strength we need to continue ministering for His greater glory. Also, please be praying with us that God would continue working in the hearts of our guys, protecting them, keeping them safe in the hollow of His hand.


We also want to express our gratitude for all of those who have supported us this month. Thank you for your financial, material, and spiritual support of our family and ministry here in Ukraine. May God richly bless you!

 Gratefully yours,

The Pogonsky family and Center residents