Missionary updates

 News from Africa


Starting this week, the children in our small orphanage/boarding school are on spring break. The first trimester is over. The teachers are very happy with their students, and the students have made great progress in their studies and overall discipline during lessons has improved as well. Things are going great – although I do have to say that at this point, we don't have the finances to fund the school for the next semester.


 In March, the Lord blessed our orphanage with visits from two short-term missions groups. Our first guests were a group of students from a Christian school in Texas (USA).  These kids turned out to be very hardworking and kind people with big hearts overflowing with love for our children. It was hard to pull the girls in the group away from our babies. They became so attached to them during their visit that they are still writing, asking about the babies' health and well-being. Many of the teens in the group that came are already planning their next trip over here to visit and minister with us. Some of them have even found jobs just so they can save up to come over here to Africa again. We had a wonderful time together.

  The second team was made up of older folks; one of them was the pastor of a church. I am so grateful to the Lord for the times of fellowship and prayer that He gave us with this second group. That was something that I'd been feeling a real need for. Since we had a pastor in this group, we set aside a special time of prayer, each of us  personally praying over a child and blessing them, especially those who haven't been with us long. It was simply a wonderful time for me, taking on the role of a parent praying for her child and blessing him. I was simply overcome by emotion. I know that I'm not the biological mother of the child I blessed, but the feelings I experienced as we prayed over him simply filled me to overflowing. I don't even really have the words to describe that experience. It was amazing.


I know of course that I shouldn’t have any favourites, with 25 children to look after, but little Dominic still has a special place in my heart. I check my motivations, glancing into my own heart each time I interact with him and the other children, being careful not to show preference for him in any way… but it’s not easy. His tiny button-eyes, watching me from the moment I walk into his room and following me as I leave have simply conquered my heart.

 Sometimes people ask me, “What about you? What about you living your own life?” I just answer with a smile, “Who would want a ‘single mother’ with 25 children, anyway?!”

 There are days when I’m so busy, I don’t have time to even stop a few minutes in our nursery and spend a little time with the babies. You know, when I’m there in the nursery, my anxiety, worries and cares seem to simply fly away momentarily. I’ve come to the conclusion that the most peaceful place in the world is a nursery, with a baby sleeping -  a little miracle peacefully broadcasting his tiny snores in the still, quiet room.


We also had two very sad events take place in March - two of our babies went to heaven. One of them had experienced birth trauma, swallowing a lot amniotic fluid and never really recovered. Such events are so sad, and very hard, being beyond our control or influence. Sometimes I think that a small part of my own self is lost each time we bury one of these babies. It’s so tragic and unfair to these sweet little ones. I know that while I am here on this earth, I will never understand why these things happen – only God knows, and He allows what is best for each one. I am comforted with the knowledge that they are now in a better place, with their Heavenly Father.


Please be praying for our ministry here in Africa. Pray that God would use us to further His kingdom here on this earth.

Nataliya Bondaruk

(Agape Missionary in Kenya)