Bible lessons in orphanages

Amazing life of Ministry Agape 3

During my conversations with the children, I often ask the same question: “What is your relationship like with Jesus?” My heart is overwhelmed with joy when I find out that they are constantly praying to the Lord and read the Scriptures. Children believe that Christ is their personal Savior and trust in Him! They attend church services and wish to devote their lives to the Lord. Seven of these children wish to continue their higher education in the field of Theology.

I am grateful to God that He has become their Heavenly Father while they have been abandoned by their families. I am convinced that God will continue His work in the lives of these special little people!

Aleksandr Sergechuk, Ministry Agape Instructor.

Over the course of last year, the seventh-graders had lessons about “The Women of the Bible” during their Bible Lessons. I had explained the roles a woman has in society- as a mother, as a wife, or as a daughter. The teens were unable to give a coherent answer to my question: “How do you imagine a strong family?” Why was no one able to answer? It is simply because they have not experienced a “normal” family. Therefore, they do not have an idea how one functions. Besides their personal experiences they do not see any positive examples on TV. Mass media is saturated with pop stars, movies, and reality shows which are far from the perfect family examples

Many of the orphaned young men and women dream of forming strong families in their future. But will they be able to do so? Statistics show that only 16% of orphan graduates get married and have children. It is one of our main goals to educate them about a family unit, a husband’s or a wife’s role, and their responsibilities. We prepare them to be able to handle the reality when a glitch may come up in a relationship. Because family is not a fairy tale, it is every-day life, demanding commitment from both partners.

Tatyana Kovalchuk, Ministry Agape Instructor.