Bible lessons in orphanages



"Agape" ministry in the Nikolaev orphanage

I, Elena Gordienko, am going to tell you about our orphanage. Our orphanage is intended to educate children with mental challenges (their mentality is behind their physical development).At least, that's what they say in the world.

But we as believers see that sin affects families up to fourth generation. People live in sin and they experience consequences of it. In our orphanage there are orphans and disabled children. A lot of them, about 60% are from bad families.

Orphanage itself is situated in the outskirts of the city Nikolaev in an old landowner’s house. The building is very old. The children here first heard about God in 2003. First we organized “Super book” club with orphans. Already 2 years Christian Ethic classes are conducted here.

There are a lot of difficulties. Nevertheless we can see God’s Hand in the work of Agape Ministries. Orphans have being changing little by little.

The pastor of the local church helps us a lot. The orphanage is very old and last year the roof was replaced, new windows were put in and new doors are in the process of installation. New furniture has being brought to the sleeping building.

Orphans love our work with Agape Ministries. They love to meet with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Every visit is like holidays for them, and they like it very much.

If you’d look into their sad eyes you’d understand why our God is Father of orphans and widows. How badly these children want to feel love and be under someone's strong protection. Our greatest desire is that orphans will come to Christ through our Bible lessons. Together we learn how to communicate with Jesus; we grow in faith.

I thank God that He gave me this ministry. I thank God for the hearts of directors that they allow us to take children to the church, to fellowship with church youth, watch Christian cartoons. There is so much to be thankful for to our Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit! We have so much to give to these children; we owe so much to our Father.

I ask you, dear brothers and sisters to pray for these orphans, for our ministry, for Agape Ministries and for those who dispose their hearts to change children’s lives, one child's life at a  time. Our God is Strong, Almighty, Loving and Merciful. We can achieve a lot with His help.

The article was prepared by Elena Gordienko – blessed sister and mother for many orphan children.