Bible lessons in orphanages



Hello! Who is living in this wonderful house "Teremok"?

It’s me, small mouse and who are you? (from famous Russian fairytale)

… It’s in fairly House different animals are living. In our “Teremok” small kids are living and they are special kids – orphans.

Once I during my preparation for the lessons I was visited by my friend. I was preparing “Life Lessons” for “House” on which together with kids we were going to do crafts. My friend Masha suggested her help in preparation. I decided to make super-craft: notebook with chamomile, covered with confetti – from one side. And form other side – kid’s palm made from colored paper with name on it, confirming the owner (I don’t like simple crafts, I like beautiful, original ones)

Since in our “Teremok” kids are very small and many of them cannot even work with scissors I had to cut everything myself. Kids did the rest of work with glue. And there are 42 kids!!

So we started to cut 42 chamomile, 42 midst of the flowers, 294 leaves for notebooks, 42 bows from ribbons, and also to make huge amount of confetti with puncher. We spent 8 hours for this work! Masha asked me: “So much work, how do you handle it on your own? It’s only preparation and you also need to teach a lesson! Probably you get very tired!” I replied to her: “If you want, join my lesson tomorrow and you’ll see everything yourself.”

It was one and half month before. Masha always helps me. When I asked her: “So did you get answer to your question?” She answered: “Even when you are tired during the preparation to the lessons, but when you come to the children you get so much energy that all you tiredness fades away.”

Our kids are very sincere, they always tell what they think; they like to pray, they give their testimonies telling how God helps them. “Life Lessons” influence kids in a very good way and what is important – other teachers see it and they thank us for it.

I thank God that He helped to create our mission “Agape” which gives love and care to many children who so long for it. “Agape” mission brings Word that has the power to change children’s lives. Let God bless everybody who supports this ministry!

Thank God for everything!