Bible lessons in orphanages


Life in Tavriysky orphanage

The beggining of the school year was good. Orphans welcomed me with a big joy and I could see that it was not only me missing them but they also missed me.

In the new school year I’ve made a goal to become closer to the kids and to create an atmosphere of love and trust during the lessons. I put my efforts to fulfill my plans with the help of God.

The best reward in my work is openness of the children, their desire to fellowship with me, possibility to answer their questions, questions about God, salvation and eternal life. This is a big pleasure for me to know that children like to attend Bible lessons very much. Another pleasant surprise was that children had issued the first issue of their newspaper where they talked about their faith in God and their hope in Him. I enjoyed reading it very much because they testified about their faith because of their own will not because they are on the lesson.

Observing the life of my orphans it’s obvious that God’s grace works in their hearts. Unfortunately some teachers don’t believe that these children have future but I believe that there is nothing impossible for God. And regardless what people say - my prayers has being already heard by God. As an evidence for this is that few times after children asked me to pray for their parents to come more often I’d promise them to pray at the end of the lesson but even before it was finished parents already arrived. I’m glad that orphans see Hand of God in this.

At the end of my testimony I’d like to tell that the work in the orphanage with children is a blessing for me. Not only to teach them but to be useful for answers of difficult life questions; questions that are so important for them. It’s such a blessing to see that they love and wait forme. I thank God for giving hope and faith in the hearts if these orphans.

Malysheva L.V.