Bible lessons in orphanages


Has your character changed since you know God?

In order to fully appreciate and evaluate the importance of Agape ministry we need to ask orphans what these lessons mean to them. Has your character changed since you know God?

Yes because after I’ve prayed the first time I got a huge relive and since than I started to believe God

Scveta, 6th grade

Yes I’ve changed a lot. I didn’t believe before that God exists. Now I know there is God and He helps me

Diana, 5th grade

Yes, I think I’ve changed, I’ve become kinder and I believe that God always hears us.

Julia, 6th grade

Yes I’ve became more peaceful and now I like to read books.

Miroslav, 6th grade

Yes my faith in God has grown

Lena, 9th grade

I pray to God to help me; I pray for my mother and father, for my sisters and all children in our orphanage

Sveta, 3d grade

I started to talk with God and confess my sins

Sergey, 8th grade

God helped me to quit smoking and drinking and I’ve quit friendship with those who drinks and steals. I believe in God because He gave me live and love. It’s so important to believe in God

Averchenko, 8th grade

Yes I’ve changed a lot. And I’m thankful to you for bringing me to God

Lyuda Gritsishina, 9th grade

Yeas I’d love to become the same as Jesus

Artem, 5th grade