Bible lessons in orphanages


How God helps you in your life?

In order to fully appreciate and evaluate the importance of “Agape” ministry we need to ask orphans what these lessons mean to them. How God helps you in your life?

When I already believed in God me mother got sick and she was taken to the hospital. I prayed for her during 4 weeks and God heard my prayer – she got better. My mother endured very serious surgical operation and she survived. God heard my prayers and helped us.

Sveta Demyanenko, 6th grade

I make conclusions from Bible stories and I know what is good to do and what is not.

Ira, 4th grade

I became more peaceful, I don’t make troubles and I don’t offend anyone.

Kolya, 7th grade

God always helps me. I could dye but I prayed and here I’m alive and I thank God for this. I always come to God and ask Him for help when I have problems.

Diana, 5th grade

He helps me spiritually. When I’m sad I pray and immediately I have peace in my heart.

Julia, 6th grade

When I’m upset or I have difficulties in life I come to God and He hears me, He comforts me.

Lena Jideleva, 9th grade

He helps me to study, and He is my Father!

Aslanova, 3d grade

It’s truly that there is God. But we don’t see Him. I want to live and to do what God tells me to do. I want to know Him closer.

Mostovoy V., 9th grade

Together with God I can study better, overcome troubles; come out of difficult situations, to fellowship with good people and of course to believe in the best in this live.

Olya, 9th grade

He saves us from misery and helps us not to do bad things.

Sveta, 9th grade

He helps me: He gave me live, fellowship, friends in this school, teachers and mentors and director who also care for me.

Lyuda, 9th grade