Bible lessons in orphanages


What new have you learned about God?

In order to fully appreciate and evaluate the importance of Agape ministry we need to ask orphans what these lessons mean to them. What new have you learned about God?

I learned that God helps people and that Jesus Christ suffered for all people on the cross and He loves us.

Sveta, 6th grade

God created us. If there is no God there would be no people either.

Artem, 14 years old

That He exists in the world and I believe in this. During the prayer I feel like talking with Him and He answers me.

Ira Novikova, 4th grade

I learned that God is very kind and strong, just; He gave His Son to dye for us

Diana, 5th grade

I learned a lot. He is just, loving and His Son is Jesus Christ. He teaches us to do good deeds.

Julia, 6th grade

God wants us to believe in Him. God wants to help us. Every lesson we learn more and more about Him

Mostovoy V. 9th grade

I’ve never heard anything about God before. After you started to visit us and tell us about God and Jesus Christ I started to attend these lessons and learn a lot of new things about Got. I always enjoy listening to you.I learned that He saved people from death and that God leads us the right way.

Kondratyuk V, 9th grade

I know that God lives in the heart of each of us. And I always pray to Him

Tanya, 9th grade

I learned that when we dye God will raise His people

Nikolay, 9th grade

I learned that Jesus loves all children and wants to be our friend; that He was raised from the dead and He’ll raise people.

Korenkova H, 6th grade

That God can heal a man or a child; we just need to ask God about it and He will help

Alex, 5th grade