Bible lessons in orphanages


Mentoring and church visiting

Motivating Ukrainian christians and local churches to get involved in orphans ministry

To meet with children only during lessons is not enough time to become friends with them, support them in difficult moments, advise them, or to pray with them and for them. Therefore teachers spend extra time; time communicating with the kids and showing them that they truly care. It is through these times that the children open up their hearts to the instructors.

During such times the teachers and the children are able to cry, pray, and call out to God for help. As a result of this, a child starts seeing God as a friend and as a Father. Through this a child learns whom to call upon and where to search for help.

You can see the results: orphan start to treat God as a friend and helper, as a Fother! Now he knows the One Who really helps!

Collaboration with churches and the ministry.

Every year the number of churches that support our ministry increases. Pastors began to listen to our plans/programs, understand the content of our work, take part in visits to schools and boarding schools, and preach at seminars. We are very grateful for all of the people involved who are busy but always find time to help us. May God bless them!

For two years now, we are cooperating with the ministry “Emanuel”. Team group “Gift of Adoption” served us in the summer camps. The children were very happy. And most importantly, they saw that all Christians are so similar in the way they act towards each other, by showing care and love.