Bible lessons in orphanages


Tsuryupinsky orphanage

Tsuryupinsky orphanage was established in 1968 in Tsuryupinsk city Kherson region. It is opened for children with poliomyelitis and cerebral palsy. At present this is the only orphanage in Ukraine where children with hyper difficult forms of disablement live.

Children… they are always stay children. They also know laugh, joy, smiles…. They are funny, joyful, life-loving and enjoying every day. Of course it’s children with their own sorrows and gladness. They are Trustful, sincere and very vulnerable. They don’t accept lie and hypocrisy. They feel, believe and love in a special way. Children… our children. They know difference between love and dislike better than others.

Pupils of the Tsuryupinsky orphanage for disabled children are not exception. We can learn a lot from them. Probably there is no such a healthy man that would appreciate live as much as they do. After all they are on the wheelchair from the very birth; disease has chained their body and limited their movements till the end of their live. Some children have disabled legs and some of them don’t have them at all. And hands… Majority of children cannot control them or they simply don’t have them. Hands which we use every day, wash our face every morning…. Some people don’t have them at all. But in spite of the doomed existence these children accept live with genuine joy, without complains and with a hope for the future.

Hospital beds, nurses, doctors, operations, procedures are integral part of their life. Usually these children spend about 2-3 months per year in the hospital and rarely do they have visitors. They are orphans though their parents are alive. They were rejected not because they were not desired but because they were disabled. Physical shortage indicated their destiny. Instead of love and support from parents and relatives the child is left along with his grief because they don’t need him in “such” condition. What is his fault? What does he pay for?

I remember one case that touched my heart. One girl was in hospital after another operation and nobody visited her already 2 months. How much tires and insults she had when the nurse asked her: “Did somebody visit you?” This girl answered: “No, don’t deceive me; nobody will come to me for I’m an orphan!” And just in a moment she had big smile, happy face and words coming out her heart: “Indeed, somebody came to me. They remember me.”