Bible lessons in orphanages

Why am I in orphan ministry?  (A. Verbitskaya)  

For the longest time I prayed that God would send me just the right ministry to take part in. I wanted to be where I was needed and would truly be meeting needs as well as sharing about God and his love.

Then one day, I was invited to go visit an orphanage to help with orphan ministry. I never looked back. I’d found my place, and have put my heart and life into orphan ministry. Every time I’m in the orphanage, I see the children’s eyes shine with excitement, yearning to hear another story from the life of Jesus Christ. By now, they know that he’s the best role model possible and they can always apply what they hear to their own lives.

I tell them how much God loves them and wants for them to come to know him more and more, living their lives with and for him. I believe that he is changing their little hearts…I’m seeing it happen every week. 

Anna Verbitskaya, 

       Agape teacher