Bible lessons in orphanages


Filled with God's love

With every year God abundantly blesses the youth conference in Malin (the region of Ghitomirskoy). Many young people gather here and many of them accept the Lord into their hearts. More young people receive God's strength through the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Everything is used to contribute to their spiritual growth. God even forordained us with wonderful weather. Praise be to Him for everything, Creator of heaven and earth! But I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of the conference. The hard work of our brothers and sisters is worthy of praise. May the Lord give them back 100 fold.

This year the "Agape" mission team decided to go with their whole organization. All the girls and boys from the adaptation centers impatiently awaited their coming. Some came for the second time , some for the first. Together with the leaders the team consisted of 39 people. There was a long journey ahead. What was awaiting the youth in Malin? What changes would occur in their souls? Would God touch their hearts? Malin greeted them with rain. But this did not affect their moods. With great expectations all of them awaited the opening. And everything was shaken up...the sermons, seminars, socialization, new friends, and the organization in the kitchen. There was no time to be bored. And if there was a free minute than there was no peace given from the present sermon. Thoughts were working tirelessly comparing, confirming and making conclusions. But this is the flesh. The Spirit was rejoicing! What a spiritual food! Voznuyk V., Vinkovskiy C., Kuyrelenko V., Shapoval A., Kostruyb V., Fatulaev P., are of pillars faith. Every one of their sermons was in the Spirit. Every word was anointed.

The final presence during the conference was the baptism of the Holy Spirit of 5 girls and 4 boys from the centers. This is a tremendous joy to all of us. Praise Jesus!

Blessed be the God andFather of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

The youth returned home filled with God's love and His blessings. Their eyes shined with joy and strength. How many impressions! How many conversations! Thank you, Lord, for loving these children so strongly! Their earthly parents left them, but You did not leave them.

We bow our hearts to You, Be blessed and praised!

Vaghnichenko Yelena