Bible lessons in orphanages


May 29 2011 Mission "Agape" celebrated

its 7th birthday

Our dear friends! The mission is very happy that many of you support our service.

7 years... Is this a lot or little? For God - it is wholeness, for the mission it is an anniversary.

The holiday took place at the House of Prayer in the church. There were many guests. But they were all united by one purpose, one Godly calling- to serve the children who are in orphanages.

The conditions of the celebration and the presence of many close and genuine friends, partners, volunteers, brothers and sisters, made an exceptional atmosphere in celebration of the holiday. It was a joy to see everyone, that was not indifferent to the problem of children who are orphans in our country, and it is pleasant to share in the service with those people who have committed themselves to serve the children who are in orphanages.

Amongst the guests were: the president of the alliance "Ukraine without orphans" -Ruslan Malyuta, director of the project "One Hope"-Pavel Gladchenko, Faliy Stanislav- pastor of the church from Nikolayev, Reznik Mikhail -director of Ternopolsky missionary institute, pastor Mark Morov from the USA, an exceptional friend from Berdyansk and representative of the mission "Emmanuel"- Babyak Mikhail, friend and sponsor of the mission- Yurchenko, teachers, and workers of the center.

For the holiday a group from Ternopol was invited, who led worship with the youth group from the local church . But the most important guests were the kids from the adaptation centers. They not only sat there and listened, they took on an active role in the program but also sang and witnessed.

Many warm words were spoken about the service of the mission Agape. But what was emphasized was that in all the work and success- all Praise was to the ONE GOD! This was HIS plan, HIS decision, HIS mercy, HIS work and merit. The mission fulfilled HIS will under His instruction. He directed, gave a vision, opened the doors to inaccessible establishments, sponsored, inspired, and gave us "the will and to act according to [His] good purpose." Php. 2:13.

"We are grateful to GOD without measure. We bow to HIM, and magnify HIM! We give HIM all the glory and honor!"-with these kind of words the director of the mission- Fedorchuyk Alex began his short sermon.

"God is so great, that the universe cannot fit HIM in. We are here because God loves us more than his own self"- David Kuhar underscored this important thought. David is the initiator of worshipping God through the adolescent- orphans (living in the centers) for this holiday celebration.

Ira Gritsiv, an orphan from Agape adaptation center "Esther", she is finishing the missionary institute and in a month planning to go on a mission to Kergestan. She witnessed, "I stood here at this place, because of God, that under HIS instruction the mission Agape does its service. Because through the teachers of the mission I first heard of the Lord. And everything that the workers of the mission did was a display of God's love. Not only did they speak of it but it was revealed in their lives. Right now, I can confidently say that I have acquired a family. The mission helped my dream become a reality".

Yes, in the future there is still a lot of work. But I have hope that the Lord and the mission can go further, speak of the works more, and spread the Good News among the children and youth, who are in need of love and care.

Our dear friends! The mission is very happy that many of you support our service. We are thankful to God for your kind, caring, sacrificial and loving hearts. Thank you, that you remain to be faithful in your calling and in your decision. All our gain is first of all your victory and fruit. We are glad that we have such faithful friends.

7 years- this is a holiday for all of us! From the bottom of our souls we congratulate you! May God return to all of you one hundred fold in all your works!