Bible lessons in orphanages


There is Hope

Orphanage for disabled children: These children are physically disabled, lived in the school, and were rejected by their parents

It is a new academic year.... How the children have grown throughout the summer… Especially the boys. They are so grown up! It seems like they were so small, but now – Wow! They are taller than I am! They have become masculine, have stretched out, and have gained strength….

And the girls? They were snub with funny ponytails. But now they are real young ladies! Shy and elegant. Like gentle, ready to bloom buds. They themselves cannot believe that a wonderful time has come- their youth. Lord, protect their purity and sincerity! Outwardly they have almost grown up, but they are children! Be like children, it's simple words, but containing so much depth. We can learn a lot from children, listening to their thoughts and prayers.

“For such a long time I pray and ask God, that my parents will come, but they have not arrived. But I will continue to pray anyway.” – Oksana

“I believe in God and I tell my group of girlfriends openly about Him. Let them think about it and discuss it.” - Lena

“God hears when I cry? Even under my blanket? Why am I crying? I myself don’t know. For some reason, by themselves tears flow.” – Kirill

“And I tell them: My dear children! Don’t get tired of praying. Don’t stop believing the promises of God. God knows all your suffering, all your worries. For He did not promise, that here on Earth everything will be easy and simple. He promised that He would help in the difficult minutes….. and He sees when you are crying.”

“Will He really help? Do you promise”? The boy asked.

“No! It's not me but He promises!”

The boy smiled with a happy smile. Because he received encouragement from God himself!

Will their faith in the magnificence of God also burn out? How can we help? Only with prayer.

Yes, they have grown up. A year, second year and…they will all fly in different directions, finishing school. But where? Some will go to study, but there will be those who will enter the house of the elderly, where their dreams and wishes will dim, like smoldering coal. Will their faith in the magnificence of God also burn out? How can we help? Only with prayer. Only prayer can help them, and myself as well. Prayer for those who are close to our hearts. I cannot change the circumstances, but I can carry them on my hands of prayer to my God. He can do much more than we ask.

Call from an orphan

Yes, sometimes children do not attentively listen. Sometimes it seems, that they are not accepting the Word. But it only appears that way. The Word of the Living God does not return void (Isaiah 55:11). And here is the evidence. A telephone call…. An unfamiliar voice. It appears to be a young person. A graduate from the orphanage. He shares his memories. When he was still studying, Christians would visit the school.

They told the children about God. Now he is an adult and has a family. But most importantly, he has surrendered his life to the Lord. That which was sown in his childhood, penetrated and brought forth fruit. Dennis along with his wife, knowing my telephone number, called, to support me. They promised to pray for me, strengthened me with their witness, and blessed me in my work. With their phone call they simply inspired me, poured out strength, strengthened my spirit, and brought forth hope. And by themselves the tears flowed, and a quiet prayer flowed. This is not all in vain.

Thank you, Lord!

P.S. These children are physically disabled, lived in the school, and were rejected by their parents.

- Tsorupinsk. Zatirka Natasha