Bible lessons in orphanages


Christmas Holiday for orphans

Our dear friends!

Thank you for opening your hearts for orphans.

There is never enough love for the human heart, especially for a childs' heart. We always need love and often come short of it. It's something as important as air, as life itself. And it is You who help us to give love of the Lord Jesus to orphans....

The Christmas campaign with puppet show and presents for orphans is coming to it's end. Since January 11 «Agape» team travels through snow-covered villages and cities of Ukraine. They visit 28 orphanages and distribute more than 3000 presents. Snow and «-25°C» degree of frost will not stop them.

Together with huge puppets (as big as a man) Christmas holidays become really great! People full of God's love for orphans make a puppet show really fascinating.

A Victoria, “Agape” mission's volunteer, comments: «Despite the cold winter we have a warm fire of God's love in our hearts. Children are always waiting for us and that encourages us so much. For orphans it's a real holiday, they meet new people, make new friends, sing Christmas songs. You can see many happy faces during the Christmas show in the orphanages. And of course, presents!! It's just overwhelming for them.»

This year we made a special puppet show in every orphanage. The story is of an orphaned boy Maxim. He sees many happy families celebrating Christmas at home with their families. And only he is left outside in the cold street. He even doesn't have a place to sleep, he lives in a cartoon TV box. One such lonely Christmas Eve, Maxim meets the Savior, he asks forgiveness for his sins and becomes a child of God. He is not alone any more! He has new friends and what is the most important — Jesus is born in his heart!

In one village an orphaned girl told us trustfully: «I knew you'd come. We prayed for it!»

After the puppet show we played with children, organizing games and competitions. Children get sweets and surprises. And what is the most important — the seed of Love is being planted in their hearts.
In all these state orphanages orphans hear this beautiful story.

Dear friends, we believe that thanks to all of You who participated in supporting Christmas Holidays for orphans — these orphans received a lot of joy and love. You've become part of their lives as well.
Thank God for You who make it possible to continue our work with orphans. May God bless You!

With prayer for You,

Agape team and Alexander Fedorchuk (leader of Agape ministry)