Bible lessons in orphanages


Puppet Show for orphans

Organizing Christmas holiday for orphans

Greetings to You our dear friends. Thank You for praying for our ministry. We see how abundantly God is blessing us, opening new opportunities, giving wonderful time of fellowship with kids in orphanages.

It is joyful and wonderful time because we celebrate Birth of our Lord- Jesus Christ.

AGAPE mission spends these festive days in ministry to the children.

We’d like to share a little bit about our visit to Khersonskiy distribution center (children live there before they are directed to the orphanage). There are about 70 orphans in this center.

Agape team went to the “distribution center” to show a colorful and interesting puppet show called “Christmas story” to the orphans. This story is filled with love to the children, with beautiful puppets and additional materials. After we entered the territory we saw children who ran out to meet us. They were happy to see us. The center became alive, woke up from sleeping. Children ran to help us unlading the equipment and our interesting fellowship began. Children began to share their impressions, intentions, sincere dreams for the next year (you feel sad for the kids because their dreams are mostly about mother and father who are not with them and whom they need so mush).

Here we are at the play room, Brother Evgeniy Frolov speaks about meaning of Christmas and a special event which took place in Bethlehem ….later he invited children to Praise God in prayer and they gladly agreed to do it. It was a wonderful prayer; children were praying and opening their hearts to God. Later the team began a puppet show “Christmas story”. We noticed that children were watching it with much interest and joy on their faces. After that we distributed gifts to everyone saying to them the words of God’s love.

To our regret we’ve seen tears in the eyes of some kids they didn’t want us to leave. They were stretching their hands out, hugging us and asking us to come back one more time. They blessed and invited us to come back telling that it is boring without us.

Dear friends, I’d like to tell you that these orphans really need attention, love and care. Every day they live without father and mother; they don’t know parents love and care. They want to trust to somebody, to share their joys and sadness…

Visiting orphanages and distribution centers you start to realize that today every Christian has this responsibility - to help, to console and support an orphan. If not Christians with wisdom from God and abilities to help would do that than who will do it?! Pray for the orphans; they need your care and love. God’s blessings to you!