Bible lessons in orphanages


Christmas program 2008

We welcome You our dear friends. And once again on these special days we sincerely wish you Marry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless you all!!!

This time of the year is full of pleasant wishes and nice words. We are happy when somebody extends congratulations to us, wishes us all good things, encourages us and perhaps blesses us with some gifts. That is so great! All of us are filled with joy and we wait for this wonderful holiday, and especially little ones, the children!

The Agape mission celebrates this holiday in a very special way – holding Evangelical meetings and visiting people, Christmas programs (like singing, games, puppet-play) in boarding-schools that are situated on the territory of Ukraine. And we would like to tell you about one of such meetings in this article.

On January second, the Agape team and young people from local churches came to the Kalyninskaya boarding-school (Kherson region) with the festive program, in order to spend time with kids. Children were looking forward to seeing us; in fact when we were driving (and more precisely driving out) up on a street – we saw them cheerfully running towards us, smiling and extending their hands for an embrace. Words can not explain our feelings. Interrupting each other, kids began sharing their joy, impressions and experience.

Having gathered in the dining-room of boarding-school, we continued our happy meeting. It was 5 p.m. when all members of the boarding-school were with us, children with great attention listened to our wishes and words. We asked the teachers: "how do children amuse leisure, what do they do each evening? In fact they are on vacation, they are free from their studies and they can not leave the boarding-school on holidays – because they are orphans?....". And we heard sorrowful words: “In the morning, children get up, have their breakfast. After that, those who want to play on a playground spend their time there, and usually after breakfast, dinner and supper they watch TV". It’s a pity! Much to our regret, in many cases they have no other things to do than watching TV! Unfortunately it is not the source from which kids can hear and see something that is really good for them... And when we start telling them about Word of God and worship Him in songs, they just “swallow” what we say, attentively listening and thinking – after all it is healthy, good food, which their souls long for.

We started our program with singing of Christmas psalms (to the guitar), learning songs and later we sang already all together. Having learned the songs, we began a play (which was put on an act by the young people of Living Spring church). It was very interesting and solemn. Light went out in a dining-room – a searchlight was unexpectedly was on, and all members of the Christmas play appeared before the children. With great interest they were looking on the stage - where the Living Spring team was playing the story of our Savior – Jesus Christ! Peering into kids’ eyes we saw tears and joy (especially in episode of Jesus’ resurrection. Children understood everything that was happening on the stage… The play was hailed with long applause. Everybody rejoiced and exulted.

Our program did not finish at that. Girls from Living Spring church prepared enthralling Christian games in which little kids and adults participated, we were happy, talking to each other – becoming closer. Later we were singing together worshiping God and than we asked kids to join us in prayers. Everybody prayed – children were asking God to bless the coming Year, to give them strength, health and mercy (you also may keep praying for boys and girls, for they need it so much).

At the end of our program we gave attention to every child – presenting pleasant gifts (for a keepsake). We communicated and blessed each other. Children surrounded each of us, gave gentle hugs with tears on their eyes – foreseeing and understanding that we are going to leave now, and they will stay... Our hearts were breaking; it is so joyfully to come here and so sadly to leave.

Taking under consideration all what is going on we can simply visit this children and spend time together, be friends to them, preach, and PRAY and PRAY and PRAY for each small one. God is able to bless, comfort and give new life.

This is our story of visiting these wonderful children in Kalyninskaya boarding-school. Such meetings remain in your heart for life, such friendship lasts forever! We love these kids and will try to serve them and pray for them. We encourage you to pray for every precious child, remembering those who live in such boarding-schools and need your love and care. Also pray for Agape mission team and especially for Sasha Fedorchuk and his family, who became very close friends to many kids.

God bless you!