Bible lessons in orphanages


Christmas Holiday for orphans

At the joyous days before the New Year and the Christmas, the missionary “Agape” and the youth from the local church "Living Spring" visited an orphanage home at the village of Shevchenkove (Mykolayiv), to bring joy, fellowship, and friendship to those children. Indeed, on the Christmas Eve, the children were waiting for a miracle, waiting on gifts from a Santa Clause, or fairy-tale characters....Forgetting the real meaning of Christmas! Knowing the situation, the missionaries and young people turned their attention and their prayers towards the orphaned children, trying to tell them the great new, about the real meaning of Christmas!

Getting ready for the trip, we loaded all of our things and were off to an interesting journey, where we are always welcome and waited on by these children! Today we decided to show the children a Christmas play (old shoemaker).

We were invited to the dining-room, where we joyfully greeted the children. In the beginning, we all glorified God in singing (children happily supported us in singing), and then began our journey together with the interesting "old shoemaker."

The kids watched the play very carefully. Very impressive, when children were serious but also childishly happy at the same time when they were watching the play. These kinds of performances and plays are rarely performed in orphanage homes.

After the play, the youth prepared different games in which we got to know each other closer and became friends. We were teaching these cheerful songs (for example): "With you my friend, with you my brother, I am very happy." It was very joyful. Children glorified God with a great pleasure. We continued communicating by playing more games, where they participated in competitions and won candy prizes.

Thank God for all these meetings. After all, sharing our love, care, and attention with the children, we experience joy and peace in our hearts.

The orphaned children are in need of our friendships, at the simple and joyous gatherings. I want to give God special thanks for the beautiful moments in our lives and the lives of the kids, and we ask you to support us in prayers for each child who is in one of the schools. After all, without parents, many of them lack parental care and love, especially on holidays like Christmas.