Bible lessons in orphanages


Christmas program for orphans

Our Dear Friends!

How fast time the flies! Not very long ago we impatiently awaited the holidays, prepared for them, bought gifts for the children, wrapped them, and had rehearsals. We didn’t have a chance to look around and it is already February.

We are very thankful to You for that money, that You brought in to the organization for the holiday program for the orphan-children, living in the orphanages and children’s homes. Thank You for your kind heart, you are not indifferent to their fate.

The puppet team consisted of 7 people. The program was made for kids of all ages. It consisted of a puppet show by the name of “Angel in the city”, room games, songs and tricks with Christian subjects. And in the end - gifts.

...The children entered the room. On the wall is a curtain for the puppet show. Remarkable decorations. The older kids are shy, for they have outgrown puppets. The smaller children are enthusiastic, they cannot wait till it starts. And now, the lights turn on…. What is this? A contemporary city? With curiosity, where is the manger, where Christ was born? Isn’t the program dedicated to Christmas? Interesting, interesting…..

Children what do you await from your meeting with the Agape team?

- Gifts (Victor, 14 years old)

- A play about the birth of Christ (Irina, 15 years old)

…The performance goes through on one breath. It captures all the viewers, small, older and adults. In action, in front of contemporary people, it brings up a question: “Christmas- it is not gifts, not an after dinner speech, not an enrichment, not a fuss. Christmas- is the birth of Christ, so that we can be saved from sins and to reconcile us with the Father”.

This is how one of the holiday Christmas programs ended in one of the orphanages, visited by the puppet team from the mission “Agape”. From December 33, 2010 to January 28, 2011 the team visited 39 orphanages in the regions of Ukraine and gave out 3,418 gifts. Besides this, we were helped by the team from Rovno, that has traveled through 12 orphanages and has greeted 1,286 children in two regions of Ukraine with the holiday. In this manner, this year the mission “Agape” brought joy to 4,654 children in 51 orphanages. Praise the Lord for everything!

The eyes of all the children sparkled. It is plain to see, that they are delighted. They sing and play with satisfaction. And the tricks! How can it be, that on the same pages of the book there were clean sheets, sheets with white and black pictures, and sheets with colored pictures? The empty sheets- represent what happens when you live without the Bible; then your life is empty, like the empty sheet. The sheets with white and black pictures- represent you when you read the Bible; your life begins to have meaning. The sheets with the colored pictures- mean life, that has a special meaning for those that read the Bible and obey what is in it.

- How did your expectations change about the performance?

- Simply awesome! I totally didn’t expect it. (Victor)

- I always thought, that the most important thing in this holiday, was to set the table and invite guests. It seems, that with this we grieve Jesus. (Irina)

- For our orphanage- this is magnificent. We are delighted. Instructive, satisfying, interesting and spiritual. Thank you. (Natalia Gregorivna).

Our precious friends! Our dear helpers. You together with us work hard on the God’s field invisibly, investing in this work your caring, not indifferent hearts, your soul, and your love. A tremendous Thank You for this. May the Lord repay you one hundredfold.

Once more I would like to greet you with the birth of Jesus Christ and the upcoming New Year. May the Lord bless your families. May this year be a year of building up in every sphere of your life.

With prayers and love - family Fedorchyuk and the assistants of the mission “Agape”

Vaghnichenko, Elena