Bible lessons in orphanages


Christmas trips of the Agape mission

Peace to You dear friends

We would like to sincerely share our joy with You, and tell of how the Lord blesses us in service, so that together we may praise God.

Christmas - this is a wonderful holiday and a blessed time, when we have the opportunity to bring the Good news to the orphanages, carry out holiday services and socialize with the orphan- children.

During the period of December 22 to February 15 the Agape mission carries out "Christmas services" in the orphanages- with puppet shows, socializing and gifts. During this time our missionaries drove about 2000 kilometers, but above of all, reached 1100 hearts of children. They visited 19 orphanages, bringing to them the Good News, telling them the true meaning of Christmas, and giving each one a gift.

In every meeting we had a wonderful opportunity to encourage and inspire each one, trying to give attention to all the children. We saw and heard many things- but most importantly, what inspired us, is that we saw the smiles and the "fire" in the eyes of the children, hearts from which "sung out" the fire of God's love.

Also serving as a great blessing for all of us, were our guests from the USA (Arizona), that together with us served the orphan-children. The brothers and sisters witnessed, inspired, socialized, participated in the services, showed tricks to the small children, fired fireworks, and gave their hugs to each child. They became friends to many.....

Our friends supported the mission's puppet show, giving new puppets for future presentations, for us this is tremendous blessing. Thank you.

In this not so big information sheet, we most of all, would like to convey our thanks to each one, who brought forth their money for serving the mission. Thanks to You for Your finances, that served the orphan children, because for each one a gift was prepared. Thank you for Your support in prayer.

We sincerely ask You, for your support in prayers for the following:

* for every child's heart, that heard the Good News, so that the seeds fall onto "good soil", that will bring forth its fruit;

* for every child, that prays for their family;

* for God's protection on the orphan-children;

* for future trips to the orphanages, for the blessings on the road (drivers, transportation...)

We are sincerely thankful to You, and wish you in great abundance God's blessings, peace, joy and inspiration from the Lord.

Anikenko Maksim