Bible lessons in orphanages


September 10th - Ministry at a school #6.

In this article we wish thank God and everyone who prays for the ministry of “Agape". As you know, our ministry is serving the teenagers, children that were sent to other schools. In one of these schools from Kalinenskoy, Zburevskoy, and boarding school #6, these guys are studying. Over 4 years now, God has opened many doors of schools, where we freely preach the Word of God, where we pray together, worship Him and find time for new relationships with the children. On September 1st, the door opened up for children, as well as for us at a school #6.

On September 10th, we had a blessed time and communication, where we met with new kids, and talked with some of our old friends. We prepared sweets for the kids. Before we started communicating, we talked about ourselves, about how God has changed our lives, and about the great mercy and care God has for all His people ...

Next, we glorified God by singing, and we noticed that the children liked it. We saw and heard the kids sing with us.

After the singing and preaching, we ate biscuits, drank soda, and got to know each other and tried to pay attention to each other. Having these kinds of meetings and serving the children, we share God’s Word with the heart broken children. I believe that the children understand that there is a way out of most challenging and difficult situations, and they are beginning to open up their hearts ...

We sincerely thank our God for everything and everyone who prays for the ministry of "Agape". Stay with us, pray with us for the orphaned children, and join us if you have the opportunity!

May God Bless You!