Bible lessons in orphanages


What do they think about?

Fall came… and trees have shed their leaves. Classes are over, lunch is coming but not all kids hurry to the canteen. A child’s figure is seen in the distance – it is a girl who is unhurriedly and slowly walking and looking at the falling leaves. What on earth is she thinking about?

- What is your dream, Natasha? - Question from the teenage girl suddenly breaks the silence.

- My dream? I dream of all of you to know about God, all who is here – for all this world is going to pass and then eternity will come.

- I know but I would like to try everything!

- I know that you want it but remember that most of this everything is dirty. I wish you know God.

What on earth is she thinking about? This world attracts children! It is so strong desire: to be like everyone and to keep up with coevals…

But being all alone, walking along the sandy paths, observing the sky, what are they thinking about?

Yes, their heart long for God, for love, kindness and tenderness. With whom can they share their love? With their parents? But they left them!; may be with friends, teachers, educators?...

Take these child’s broken hearts into Your hands, put Your arms of love round them, and heal their wounds. Direct their life way to Your Throne, let them get to know You and keep their hearts pure.

Natalya Zatirka, October, 2007. Zyurupensky boarding-school for handicapped children.