Bible lessons in orphanages


Interview with orphanage teachers

In this article we’d love to offer you an interview with Govermental teachers of Nikolaev orphanage.

(As you know "Agape" teachers do not belong to the Govermental teachers. They are hired and paid by Agape mission. So you can see the reaction of govermental teachers to the fact that "Agape" workers come in the orphanages and teach orphans Bible lessons.)

We asked them following question:

“Please tell us what is Your attitude toward the fact that in Your orphanage “Christian Ethic” (Agape) lessons are conducted?.”

...Children get presents on their Birthdays. Orphans and we are very thankful! Under the direction of “Agape” children learn simple life truths: what is good and evil, how to behave with other people, do we have to respect parents and many others. All that is so important in the human life.

...Our children surely need it, that’s why we are so thankful to the “Agape” mission for their care and love they give to our children during the year. It’s not only presents for the holidays, Birthday presents, concerts, performances but also daily diligent work which needs kindness, patience and love.

…”Christian Ethic” teaching builds up the spirituality, worldview and character of the children; it also directs actions and behavior of a person. Christian teacher explains to the children the basics of the Christian morality; she helps them to absorb Christian truth, love, obedience, respectfulness, gratefulness, mercifulness and diligence.

With respect, teacher of the 3d grade