Bible lessons in orphanages


Joyful meeting in the orphanage

We are very glad to have you visit our web site. Today we’d like to express a special gratefulness to God for the opportunity to share the Gospel and visit the orphanages of Ukraine. We‘d like to thank you brothers and sisters for your prayers and support of Agape Ministries.

On Saturday we’ve visited one of the orphanages. Our goal was to meet children and bring difference to their gray orphanage routing and to speak of Great love which is given to us by God.

On the drive up to the orphanage we saw children that were waiting for us with wide open hands and beautiful smiles. This is very touching and inspiring!

Once we’ve met with the children we began to talk asking them how their lives are going; sharing their joys and sadness.The director of the orphanage visited us and blessed to continue visiting his orphanage. He offered to continue our fellowship at the football field. We gladly agreed and went to play football.

After making two teams we began our “unusual match”. Being honest we have never seen before when director plays football with us and encourages the “martial spirit” of his foster children. It is found to be truth that the orphanage chiding respect this director very much and we felt a serious set up game. This happens only when team understands and plays in agreement and friendship. We’ve played with good competitors!

Our hearts were rejoicing during the game. It is nice to see that the Lord is taking care of the orphans through the administration, director and colleagues. We finished playing soccer and still were fellowshipping with each other, sharing our thoughts and impressions…. At the end of the game we received an invitation from director. He has invited us to come and have programs, fellowship and games together. Also he said that they are glad to see us always.

It was a Unique time, blessed time – God opens the hearts of administration of the orphanages for the Gospel, friendship and fellowship with kids. Such blessings we have had during the meeting with children in this orphanage, just one of many we visit. These minutes are precious and valuable to us. We invite you to support our ministry with your prayers.