Bible lessons in orphanages


Gospel is preached in Schools

Praise God! What can we add to these words? Gospel is preached in schools and orphanages. There were times in the past when we could only dream about it.

In our small city Pervomaisk, Nikolaev Region there is an orphanage for children with physical and mental problems. The third part of the children are orphans. The “Christian Ethic” lessons are being taught there already for the second year. When I first came to this school I was told that there are not many students willing to attend our lessons, but praise God! Children gladly run to attend Bible lessons!

In the beginning of the year we had this occurrence:

It happened like this. I came to teach the lessons and looked around the classroom and saw the mess, the room was not cleaned. Because of this the lessons of “Christina Ethic” were called off. I felt really bad about it. There was a barrier in front of me…. Somebody made the conditions in order to not allow a lesson, telling that children don’t care about cleaning and it is hard to make them to do it… I prayed to God and meditate how to change the situation!? The problem was solved. We offered to children start cleaning the classrooms since we can’t have a lesson in such mess and what happened … inspired and joyful children began to clean the classrooms in order to start our fellowship faster…and a miracle, the 4th grade classroom was shining and in 30 minutes the whole orphanage was clean.

Everybody were surprised with the attitude of liMay God bless abundantly those who work in the orphanages

“Agape” missionary, Marunich Zhanna

(Pervomaisk city)