Bible lessons in orphanages


God is with us

I even don’t know from what to start… There is nothing I can compare the work in orphanage to. That’s why I’ll simply tell you about my experience.

From the first days of my work in the orphanage I liked everything and everybody. I thought: “Such an obedient and nice children, what a good behavior they have on the lessons and how they respect and love me.” But… some time later I was bitterly disappointed for I saw that not all of them are as good as I thought. Than I understood why God sent me here: so these orphans receive peace, joy, love and so they’d be saved.

So after seeing the real picture I was even more encouraged to help these poor children who don’t have anyone to love them. We’ve spent a lot of time together with them during long summer days. We just communicated with each other getting to know each other better. There were a lot of times when I was disappointed again and again because I didn’t see the result I wished I’d see. I used to explain to them a lot of things they didn’t understood and I’ve witnessed about Gods miracles in my own life. The accepted it and I had joyful thoughts: “I’ll come tomorrow and they’ll be better.” I was so naive! Now I see – changes come little by little, step by step.

Today I observe those children with whom I have friendship from the very beginning and I see that they have being changed. I thank God that He works in the hearts of these children; I also thank Him that my time and efforts here are not in vain.

Surely there are moments when I wish to run away and to leave it all but than Lord comforts me. I’m so happy when I see that children want to cooperate with us, when they attend lessons to not just get some “sweets” but to know more about God (of course there are those who only come to get sweets). I don’t loose hope that these children will be saved! After all this is the reason I came to this village where people don’t know God at all! I’d love God to continue to use me for His glory. Thank God for everything!

Anna Kovalchuk