Bible lessons in orphanages


All they need is a little love...

Children are dressed properly. It is clean around. The childrens craft exhibition is organized at the entrance. The teachers are saying that Children love that day more than a New Year. You don’t need to remind them to clean the rooms and wash their clothes. They do it willingly by themselves. For today they have special guests – FRIENDS!

The“Day of open doors for supporters” is held every year on the last Friday of November in the orphanage #1 nemed after T.G.Shevchenko, in Kherson city. “Supporters” are people who suport them and help financially; people who are not indifferent to the kid’s tragedy. “Agape” missionaries have been invited to this so called by children “family holiday”.

I’ve visited orphanages every day but I’ve never experienced such hospitality and senserity. Children are meeting their friends at the entrance. They help carrying things and assist us on the way to the assembly hall. There is not enough space for so many people but nothing we can do about it. It’s obviously the school assembly hall needs a good repair and it costs a lot! For now we should be grateful for the place, at least we have something.

Finally, we all gathered and children started the concert - dances, songs, poems. There are enough talants. I’ve already seen most of them and desided to support those who were performing. Children were so nerviouse. “Pray, so we don’t forget anything” - children were meeting people with such words. The hall became the place behind the scenes.

The celebration was almost over. I rejoiced and worried with them. I prayed! Children were happy and grateful to see people who are not indifference towards them. Sure enough, they were very happy to receive gifts and sweets that guests have brought for them. But was it the main event???

“I’m so happy that my friends visited me and we can invite them for a cup of tea” – this is the answer on the question –“What was the main event”. ALL THEY NEED – IT IS JUST A LITTLE BIT OF ATTANTION, SINCERENESS AND LOVE.

“Do you have many friends”? – yes, there are still good people in the world. Children see them only few times a year. Not many like you come to fellowship with them everyday. That is why they consider you as their relatives not guests.

I’d love to add: This orphanage is in the city that is why there are so many friends. But there are many orphanages in the villages. I have doubts about them having the same support as orphanage #1 in Kherson. There are the same children there and they need your care and attention even more.

The article is written by Biglenko Oleksiy (“Agape” missionary), a man who sincerely from all his heart brings love to the children.